UK Theory Test

UK Theory Test

Prepare well and UK theory test will be a piece of cake to crack. UK theory test consists of two parts: multiple choice questions and hazard perception part.

You need at least 43 out of 50 in multiple choice questions and at least 44 out of 75 in hazard perception part to pass UK theory test. You can find all information about UK theory tests here.

Preparation Material for UK Theory Test

  1. The Highway Code: Highway code is a bible to crack UK theory test. It contains all information and rules any road user required. Understand it fully and you won half of the battle to pass UK theory test. Now the question arises how you can avail highway code? Thankfully Driving Test Direct provides whole highway code absolutely free. Have a look here.
  2. Know your Traffic Signs: Before you start using roads you must aware of all traffic signs. UK theory test examines knowledge of traffic signs of new learner drivers. It's free and you can find all at
  3. DVSA Books: DVSA also provides some books to get you prepared for UK Theory Test. You can get these at
  4. Get on the Road: It’s a myth that to pass UK theory test you should only need to read a lot. Well, your ultimate aim is to drive on the road so besides reading other best place to understand signs by going on the roads.

If you prepare well, then there is no reason that you won’t pass your UK theory test. But sometimes things don’t go in your way. At Book Driving Theory we understand this and that’s why we came up with an idea of free re-tests in case you fail. So have a look at our simple price plans and forget about failures. Book Theory Test