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Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) first time introduced UK driving theory test in July 1996. Since then every learner driver has to pass this driving theory test before taking practical driving test. Further in November 2002, DVSA extended driving theory test by adding hazard perception part. Below are all the details you required for UK driving theory test.

About the UK Driving Theory Test

UK driving theory test is a computer screen based test which comprises of two parts: multiple choice questions and hazard perception. DVSA designed theory test to particularly test learner driver’s knowledge of rules of the road and best driving practice.

Multiple Choice Questions

This is the first part of UK driving theory test and it consists of 50 questions. You need atleast 43 correct answers to pass this part. You will have 57 minutes to complete this part, so relax and don’t rush as its more than a minute to spend on a question.
You have to select correct answer from the choices given in question. For most questions you only need to select one correct answer but some questions may include two or more correct answers. You screen will tell you exactly how many correct answers you need to choose for a particular UK driving theory test question.
Once you finished this part you are allowed to take 3 minutes’ break but you have to remain seated on your seat.

Hazard Perception Part

Hazard perception consists of a series of video clips which simulating real life situations. You will get 14 video clips and each clip will feature everyday road scenes and atleast one developing hazard. You will need atleast 44 marks out of 75 to pass this part.
Whenever you see a hazard you need to click using mouse. You can score up to 5 points for each developing hazard depending on how early you recognised it. There is no negative marking so you will not lose any points if you click and get it wrong but beware do not click very often to get high score as system will recognise it and invalidate your entries.

If you Pass your UK Driving Theory Test

If you pass your driving theory test, then the test centre will issue a pass certificate to you.
Note: Your pass driving theory test certificate is only valid for 2 years and if you don’t pass practical driving test during this period then you have to take UK driving theory test again.

If you Fail your UK Driving Theory Test

In an unfortunate situation, if you failed your driving theory test then test centre will issue a letter which will explain which parts you haven’t scored well. You will have to wait for atleast 3 working days before you give your retest. You also have to book your UK driving theory test again and pay full fee to DVSA again. But you can avoid paying DVSA again if you book your UK driving theory test through Book Driving Theory. Have a look at our simple price plans.

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Resources to prepare for UK Driving Theory Test

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