14 unrealised driving laws which people break without even aware that they are

During cold weather ever drove without clearing whole windscreen or snow from roof then you might get fine.

Most people think that they know all driving laws and it’s just part of routine life. But actually, they don’t even aware of some laws which they may be breaking.

Below is the list of 14 rules from the Highway Code which people often unaware of and breaks them.

The least aware rules of Highway Code

  1. Ever wondered if you can stop on a single yellow line? Well, the Highway Code says yes you can as long as the driver doesn’t get out of the car and you are just dropping off or collecting someone.
  2. If you don’t turn on your lights or is really dim at the time of low visibility, then you are breaking the law.
  3. If you travelling with an animal and you broke down on side of a motorway, then you must leave the animal in the car.
  4. At the time of cold weather, before driving you should make sure that your whole windscreen is clean.
  5. You should also make sure that your car’s whole roof is cleared from snow else you might be fined.
  6. Unless it's foggy, it’s absolutely illegal to use front or rear fog lights.
  7. When you are not moving, you can’t use the horn.
  8. Also, you can’t use horn in built up are between 11:30pm and 7am.
  9. Even if you are just defrosting the car, you can’t leave your car unattended with running the engine on a public highway.
  10. You should not turn your hazards light on when you are driving.
  11. You are also not allowed to through anything out from a vehicle.
  12. You are also not allowed to drive in the fast lane with a trailer on.
  13. If you have excessively tinted window, then you are not allowed to drive same.
  14. You can’t be in the fast lane with a goods vehicle with carrying weight over 7.5 tonnes.
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